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Spam filters can be set in your email client to reduce the amount of spam you receive. You can direct spam messages to a special mail folder (like Spam or Junk) so you can review these messages and delete them at your leisure, saving you the time of sorting the 'good' e-mail from the 'bad' inside your inbox.

When e-mails are received at the University of Richmond, they are processed by a software package called Spam Assassin that assigns a spam score to each message. If there is a very high likelihood that an e-mail message contains spam, the mail header will contain a large number of s's. For example, the following score indicates that there is a high likelihood that the message is spam:

X-Spam-Level: ssssssssssssssssssss

If there is a very low likelihood that an e-mail message contains spam, the mail header will contain few if any s's. For example:

X-Spam-Level: ss

We suggest to start by setting up a spam filter with five s's (X-Spam-Level: sssss), which will filter most spam messages without filtering too many legitimate messages. After this is done, if you feel that too many spam messages are getting through to your inbox, remove s's from the filter. If you feel that too many legitimate messages are being scored as spam, add s's to the filter.

Configure Email Client with Spam Filter

Spam filters can be applied to the following email clients at the University of Richmond.




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