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Upgrade from Banner 8.x to Banner 9.x

Our ERP vendor, Ellucian, is requiring that we upgrade from Banner 8.x to Banner 9.x by December 2018. This upgrade provides a new interface to all of Banner Administrative and Self-Service applications. Note: as of April 3, 2017, Ellucian has not upgraded every Self-Service module.

Banner 9 Admin is primarily a user interface (UI) change; the underlying data is the same as 8.x.  So, Admin processes should remain relatively unaffected by this upgrade.

Upgrading to Banner 9 is not the same as a re-implementation of Banner; these are distinctly different initiatives.

Helpful Tips

• Please refer to the Banner Transformed – Getting Started with your Administrative Application to assist you with getting familiar with the new look and feel

• Please avail yourself of the Ellucian resources on:

• For a quick reference on basic navigation, please refer to the

• Get a Cheat Sheet of keyboard shortcuts here:  Banner 8 vs Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

• In addition, to further assist you with the transition from Banner 8.x to Banner 9.x, this video is available for your convenience.

Timeline (2017)

  • Sandbox environment
    • Jan – Mar:  Build the Banner 9 Sandbox environment [Complete]
    • Apr:  Users identify issues [Complete]
    • May:  Refresh data; mitigate problems [Complete]
    • Jun/Jul:  Users evaluate test plans (NOTE: We will keep this environment available until the Fall Upgrade environment is open.) 
  • Fall upgrade
    • Jul-Aug:  Build environment (WHAK) and mitigate problems
    • Sep 25 – Oct 13:  User testing window (WHAK)
    • Oct 20:  Upgrade LIVE

There are three user test windows available to prepare offices for Banner 9 (bold above).  Desired Banner 9 Admin modules must be “tested and working as expected” before moving to the LIVE environment.

Please report issues and/or questions to