The MISO Survey 2018


The MISO SurveyThe University of Richmond is among the more than 145 colleges and universities that have participated in the MISO (Measuring Information Service Outcomes) Survey since its debut in 2005. Additional information and some useful comparative data is available at the MISO website,

The MISO Survey provides a framework to assess the frequency of use, importance, satisfaction, and knowledge about library and technology services at an institution on the part of students, faculty, and staff. The survey also provides comparative data that can be used to put the results of an individual institution into context, and provides the opportunity to as if results at Richmond are typical among comparable colleges, or whether they stand out (positively or negatively) in any particular way.

The results allow us to understand the satisfaction levels fo faculty, staff, and student users. In particular, for 2018, we analyzed satisfaction levels for services, concentrating on those rated as “very important” by the majority of each user group. We were also able to analyze how Richmond faculty, staff, and students views compare with other colleges with respect to how important they think the service is, how satisfied they are with the services and to look at the levels of satisfaction in greater detail.

MISO Survey results are studied by Information Studies for actionable results. For example, in 2015, we received feedback regarding the performance of the wireless network on campus. We upgraded our wireless network in 2017, doubling the number of wireless routers on campus and moving to 802.11ac. We are happy to report that satisfaction with the wireless network substantially increased for faculty and staff in 2018.