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University Technology and Information Plan

Information Services (IS) is facilitating the development of a Five-Year University Technology and Information Plan. This plan will be broad in scope and will consider the many ways the university community uses information and technology to support and improve student success, learning, research, operations, communications and decision-making. Our objectives are to evaluate how current capabilities are meeting the needs of the university, to improve the use of technology to support institutional priorities, and to define roadmaps to enhance organizational and technology capabilities.

This approach differs from past efforts to develop annual program plans. Our planning horizon is five years, instead of one. A longer view enables us to consider how the University Strategic Plan, emerging divisional and school priorities will alter technology needs and priorities. A five-year planning term also enables us to think beyond incremental improvements and consider how technology changes could be harnessed to support our collective goals. Because our scope is broad, the process will be participative, iterative and transparent.

We’ve retained higher education IT consultants Phil Goldstein and Mary Beth Baker to assess the current state of our technology, understand our institutional strategies, and to facilitate a process to define our technology strategies. The University Technology and Information Plan will be developed in three phases.

Phase 1:  Establish Baseline

  • Institutional priorities
  • As-is IT capabilities
  • Identify gaps and opportunities

Phase 2:  Develop Strategies

  • Constituent engagement
  • Analysis of solution options in critical areas
  • Implementation readiness

Phase 3: Create Integrated Plan

  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Enablers - funding, organization & governance

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