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University Technology and Information Plan Fall 2018 Update

Information Services (IS) has launched a five-year University Technology and Information Plan. This plan will be broad in scope and will consider the many ways the university community uses information and technology to support and improve student success, learning, research, operations, communications and decision-making. Our objectives are to evaluate how current capabilities are meeting the needs of the university, to improve the use of technology to support institutional priorities, and to define roadmaps to enhance organizational and technology capabilities.

The Plan, along with a timeline of specific initiatives is available on the University Technology and Information Plan website. The plan is made up of four strategic goals that were developed through many conversations with members of the University community during the 2017-18 academic year:

Goal 1   
Support effective and innovative teaching, learning, and research with technology.    

Goal 2   
Provide digital tools and information to help students develop effective academic plans and deepen their co-curricular engagement.

Goal 3   
Enable faculty, student, and administrative support services that are efficient and data driven.    

Goal 4   
Adopt leading IT management practices and develop organizational competencies to effectively and securely use technologies.

At the same time, Information Services has implemented IT governance to facilitate the effective stewardship of resources, promote inclusive decision-making, and enable the implementation of the IT Strategic Plan. More information on the guiding principles and structure of IT governance is available on the IT Governance website. IT governance will work alongside the University Technology and Information Plan to enhance IT services and resources for faculty, students, and staff.

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