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Hundreds of software applications and computer technologies are required to support a typical University's instructional, research, administrative and communication needs.  Such systems comprise the underlying 24x7 technology infrastructure which is implemented and maintained by Information Services at the University of Richmond.

 The University's enterprise technology infrastructure includes systems such as:

  • The campus network  (wired and wireless)
  • Email
  • Banner, Blackboard, OnBase (ECM), OneCard and hundreds of other enterprise and departmental applications
  • Interfaces and application servers (e.g., middleware) to enable applications to share data
  • Servers and databases on which applications run and store their data
  • Centralized storage, backup and disaster recovery systems to protect critical data
  • Security, monitoring and patching to protect and keep systems up and running

We are your technology consultants and business partners.  We are here to help you determine the most appropriate technical solutions for your enterprise needs.

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