Anti-Virus Policy

Purpose and Scope

  • To provide a university network environment that is virus-free
  • To establish base requirements that must be met by computers connected to the University of Richmond network to ensure effective virus detection and prevention
  • This policy applies to all computers that are connected to the University of Richmond network via a university network connection, a wireless connection, a connection through the modem pool, or a VPN connection.
  • This policy covers computers that are university-owned and computers that owned by individuals that are attached to the network. This policy covers all types of computers including, but not limited to, desktop computers, laptop computers, server class computers.
  • This policy covers home computers that are owned and/or used by students, faculty, and staff, and/or their families that connect to the University of Richmond network via the modem pool.


  • All computers that are connected to the University of Richmond network must have the standard supported anti-virus software installed and scheduled to run at regular intervals. In addition, the anti-virus software and the virus definition files must be kept up-to-date.
  • All PC's are to be configured such that they schedule regular updates from the Network Services centralized anti-virus servers.
  • Macintosh systems are to be configured to schedule regular updates from the software manufacturer.
  • Any activities with the intention to create and/or distribute malicious programs into University of Richmond's network (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, etc.) are prohibited, in accordance with the Policies Regarding the Use of Technology and Information Resources.
  • Virus-infected computers are removed from the network until they are verified as virus-free.
  • Noted exceptions: Unix or Linux operating systems do not have supported anti-virus software supplied by the University, it is the responsibility of the owner/operator of the Unix/Linux system to protect their system from viruses.

Contact the Help Desk for more information about obtaining the freely provided anti-virus software.


  • Information Services will provide the anti-virus software for PC's and will assist individuals in installing the software so that it operates according to the standard.
  • Information Services will install anti-virus software on all University of Richmond owned and installed PC's.
  • Any faculty, staff, or students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Revision History

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1.0 May 18, 2010 Revision history added