Electronic Equipment Disposal

Disposal of all electronic waste must be handled by an approved IT asset disposition partner.

All technical/electronic equipment eligible for disposal must:

  • Be disposed of in full compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Be managed through Information Services
  • Each IS area manager will coordinate the disposal of their equipment, through Information Services Purchasing, with the help of User Services.

Hard Drives (internal and external):

  • (DOD security level 3) erasure process must be performed on each physical hard drive before the equipment leaves university property.
  • In situations where disk erasure cannot be verified, the disk must be degaussed before leaving the campus and then physically destroyed by an approved asset disposal partner.

Approved Asset Disposition Partner qualifications:

  • The vendor must provide audit documentation for all assets including but not limited to: make, model, serial numbers of equipment removed from campus.
  • The vendor must supply an auditable Chain of Custody, and a Certificate of Disposal.
  • The vendor must be covered by liability insurance.
  • All equipment to be destroyed must be done by an E-Steward and Responsible Recyclying Practices (R2) Approved Vendor which follows the BAN best practices.

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