Classrooms Summer Updates

Every summer a handful of classrooms on campus are renovated, top-to-bottom. For summer 2023, the focus was on classrooms in the Gottwald Center for the Sciences as well as a computer lab on the fourth floor of Weinstein Hall.  Gottwald D207, D208, D209, C112, C200, and E305 were updated, re-oriented, and reconfigured with new carpet, paint, technology, furniture, & fixtures. Weinstein 418 updated and reconfigured with new carpet, paint, technology, & furniture.

The classrooms are selected months ahead of time by a committee led by Registrar Kristen Ball and AVP Telecommunications, Media, and User Services Doug West. Participation includes members from the Faculty Technology Committee, the School of Arts & Sciences, the Business Affairs Office, Facilities, Campus Services, and Information Services.

The Classroom Committee works to keep classrooms around campus up to date. Faculty who teach in the selected rooms are consulted about how they would like things to work. Right after graduation every year, the selected classrooms are unavailable so Facilities and Information Services can access the room to make the changes.

In the fall after classrooms are renovated, faculty and students are asked to evaluate the rooms as learning spaces. This input provides feedback that's applied for future renovations.

Visit the Classrooms website for more information.