Network Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What University resources are available with a network account?

    University network accounts have access to university email, box, webfiles, blackboard, and bannerweb. These accounts also provide access to university Windows computers as well as printing on campus.

  • What is Blackboard?

    Blackboard is the University’s course management software. It is a web-based product that many faculty use in their class instruction. Blackboard accounts are automatically created for all faculty, staff, and students and are accessible at

  • What if I am not faculty, staff, or student but still need access to Blackboard?

    If you do not have a Blackboard account but are affiliated with the University of Richmond and require access to a course, please contact Please include the name of the instructor or sponsor in your email.

  • What is Banner?

    Banner is the University’s centralized student information and administrative system and is available in two different application interfaces:

    • BannerWeb
      • A self-service application for all faculty, students, staff, alumni, and applicants. BannerWeb accounts are provided automatically for students once they are accepted to the University. BannerWeb accounts for faculty and staff are obtained through Human Resources as needed.
    • BannerForms
      • An administrative application for functional offices and departments. BannerForms accounts must be requested and are granted based on the job requirements of the individual employee or faculty member. Prior to gaining administrative access to Banner, users are required to attend a Banner Navigation class as well as receive a briefing on information security and FERPA responsibilities.