Turn Junk Mail Filtering Off/On

Turning your Junk Mail filter to be off or on should be done through the Exchange Online interface: https://outlook.office365.com/ This setting in Exchange Online will override any setting for junk mail filtering that you may have set up through your local mail client.

  1. Log in to https://outlook.office365.com/
  2. Click on the Gear icon at the top right of the web interface, near your name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this list, and under 'Your App Settings', click on Mail.
  4. The Mail settings will appear on the left hand side of the window. Under Mail > Accounts, click on Block or Allow.
  5. At the top of this section, to turn OFF junk filtering, select: Don't move email to my Junk Email folder. To turn ON junk filtering, select: Automatically filter junk email.

If you turn junk filtering off, but still have addresses under Blocked Senders, emails from those addresses will still be moved to your Junk folder.