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Banner Accounts

Banner accounts are reserved for University of Richmond faculty and staff who have a legitimate business need for system access. Supervisors may request accounts for temporary, floater, or student employees, but specific restrictions apply (see below). To obtain a Banner account:

  1. Obtain your NetID through the Help Desk and register your office computer on the Richmond network. This step must be completed before your Banner account can be created.
  2. Discuss with your supervisor the need for Banner access. Consider the needs of your position to retrieve student data, budget data, or query against other areas of the system (visit the main Banner page for a list of Banner modules). If possible, make a list of the specific types of data you will need to view within various Banner modules to complete your job functions (for example, view student schedules, academic history, biographical information).
  3. Complete the Request for Banner Access form, being as specific as possible about the information you will need access to. It is helpful to name specific Banner forms, or to state you need access like a certain person who already has access (i.e. the name of the person you have replaced). Have your supervisor review the form, sign and date it.  Then scan and email it to Scott Hollen ( or you can fax it to him at (804) 289-8890.
  4. Our staff will contact the necessary "owners" of the data  in various modules (i.e. the Registrar's Office for student data) to obtain permission for you to access the information. In some cases, more specific information may be needed from you or your supervisor.
  5. As soon as your account is created, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our staff. This e-mail will include an invitation to Banner Navigation Training, which is a requirement before you can access the system. In training, we will give you your Banner password, discuss security and confidentiality, and show you basic navigation techniques.

Temporary, floater, and student employees:

  • Will not have direct access to Banner
  • Must be logged into the University of Richmond network by a staff member who is a Banner user, using his/her own network account
  • Must be logged into Banner by the Banner account owner or designee
  • Must log out of Banner once work is completed and shut down the computer he/she is working on.  He/she should also notify the staff member who logged him/her into the system that work on Banner is complete.

If you have questions, contact Scott Hollen, Senior Programmer/Analyst, by e-mail or at x6638.

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