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How to Request Server, Application or Network Support/Project

First, determine what type of request this is:


When a current system, server or application has a problem which is preventing normal work on the system it can be considered an emergency. These requests should be directed to the Help Desk at or 804-287-6400.  Or, if you office has an established procedure for such times follow the appropriate procedure.

Support request

A support request is a body of work which a single resource an usually accomplish in a short period of time.  Some examples may include: a request for a programmer to edit or change a Banner form; an as hoc data request; etc. Please complete the IS Support Request Form.  Once submitted the request will be forwarded to the appripriate Systems & Network Manager to vet and assign to a resource.  If additional information is needed you will be contacted.

Project request

A project has a finite beginning and end, requires interdepartmental resources to be accomplished successfully, and has relatively high visibility.  Some examples may include: a request for a new server and/or application; an upgrade to an existing application or equipment; an interface between new or existing applications; etc. Please complete the IS Support Request Form to start the project intake process. For additional information about the Project Intake process, click here.

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