OnBase Request Intake Process

OnBase Requests will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

Benefit must out weigh the risk and effort to complete the request. The following Benefit \ Risk rating chart will be used to determine whether or not a request will be approved.

Benefit \ risk rating

Benefit > Risk \ Effort



Benefit = Risk \ Effort



Benefit < Risk \ Effort



Requests must provide a positive benefit to be approved.

In order to properly evaluate a request the following information needs to be available.

1. Business Case (Purpose of the request)

2. The current process as it is working today.

3. The benefit this request will provide to the University.

4. Risk of not completing the request.

5. List all downstreams departments and applications that will be impacted by this request.

6. What other options have been considered?

7. Frequentcy of use

8. Who will be using this new functionality?

9. How long will the documents neeed to be retained within OnBase?

If adequate information is available to answer the questions above; select the link below to request an appointment to formally document this request.

Link to request initiation form.

SpiderTechNet OnBase Service Request