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    Published Date(s): 5/2/2024
    Title: LastPass Security Alert
    Message: UR’s password manager, LastPass, released an alert to warn users "to not to not press option 1 or 2 if they get a call purporting to be from the service. This is due to a new scam that can potentially compromise account master passwords with all the misery that would bring." Cybercriminals create a fake automated call to trick users into pressing "1" or "2". This will generate a spoofed follow-on call from someone pretending to be a LastPass employee who will try to send an email with a link to help the victim reset their account for security reasons. Following the link takes the victim to a login page asking to provide their LastPass master password. The cyber criminals will hope to get the victim’s LastPass master password to get complete control of their account. If you experience this, immediately hang up and report it to abuse@lastpast.com and infosec@richmond.edu.
    Website Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2024/04/19/lastpass-master-password-threat-confirmed-dont-press-1-or-2/?sh=4f2de9a41947
    Published Date(s): 5/23/2024 | 5/24/2024
    Title: May Flash "Capture the Flag" Event 
    Message: MetaCTF is running its monthly flash Capture the Flag (CTF) event this Friday, May 24th, from 1:00PM to 3:00 PM. The CTF will have 5 challenges covering a range of difficulties and topics. Participation is individual and free, and you will get a certificate for participating. Solutions will be released immediately after the CTF is over.

    The top participant will win a ticket to the RVAsec 13 conference (or pick from other prizes). In addition, we have gift cards, free on-demand class from Antisyphon Training, a TCM Academy subscription, and more. The rest of the prizes will be raffled to those who solve at least one challenge.

    To have access to a private scoreboard fill out the following form at: https://forms.gle/yiptaFMBm7B2oQry6. Of note, private scoreboards and codes from previous Flash CTFs have been copied over.
    Website Link: https://mctf.io/may2024