2023 Capture the Flag

What is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition?

  1.  It is a fun, cybersecurity challenge-based event for players of all skills.
  2. An online game where playes solve questions and earn "flags" with each correct answer.
  3. You can play on your own or join as a team of up to four members.
  4. University of Richmond partnered with MetaCTF to host a fun-filled CTF
    event that can be played on your time during the 4-day competition.

What You Need to Participate

             A Computer           Access to Internet  Team of 1 to 4 Members
computer-icon wif-icon team icon

***To register a team of more than one member, please email list of team members to support@metactf.com. MetaCTF support can also be reached via Discord at: https://discord.gg/aNFq4Hqrp. MetaCTF support will be able to make sure team members are all on the same team or if requested, be able to move team members around to other teams. Of note, teams can only be from one member to four members. ***

2023 "Capture the Flag" Winners & Awards Ceremony

First Place Student Team Second Place Student Team Top Faculty/Staff Team

Team Name: Lovely Ladies

Team Members: Leah Le, Mo Song, Padmaja Karki

Team Name: YaBasic

Team Members: Mark Sanborn

Team Name: BPaxton

Team Members: Bobby Paxton


Lovely Ladies Team Members

YaBasic Team Member

BPaxton Team Member

CTF Awards Ceremony

CTF Awards Ceremony